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Our Students
Bryan M. Yeh Bryan Yeh Major: Psychology

Hometown: Upland, CA

Health Profession Career Goal: My goal after college is to go onto medical school and become a physician. My time volunteering and working in a brain injury recovery center has given me the passion and aspiration to become an emergency neurosurgeon after medical school.

Extracurricular Activities:
  • President of the Iron Chefs of Riverside (the first ever cooking club at UCR)
  • Chapter President of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars
  • Internal Vice President of the American Medical Students Association
  • A volunteer at a brain injury recovery center in Pomona, CA
  • Pre-medical student mentor for the health professions advising department
  • Research assistant in the evolutionary physiology lab of Dr. Theodore Garland, Jr.

Research:I currently work in the lab of Dr. Theodore Garland Jr. Our lab specializes in finding out about the evolutionary physiology of mice. One of the current projects I am involved in right now is seeking to find out how saccharin, an artificial chemical substance similar to sugar, affects the neurobiology and physiology of mice.

Clinical Internshp: I currently work in the summer as a residential technician at the brain injury recovery center where I volunteer during the school year. As a residential technician, I am a care-taker for brain injured patients. Some of the duties I do at work are feeding, cleaning, changing, and monitoring the behavior of patients. One of the most interesting duties that I do on a regular basis is monitoring the fluid input and output of a patient who has diabetes insipidus. Diabetes insipidus is a kidney disorder that causes the kidney to lack a certain hormone. This causes the body to lose solutes very quickly and can be fatal. I must keep a tight record of his fluid output in order to monitor the solute levels in his body. Every time the patient reaches an output of 800 mL, the nurse and I must give the patient an injection of vasopressin to keep his body from losing too much solutes.

Marisella Castro

Marisella Castro Major: Biology and possibly Mathematics

Hometown: Born in Tustin, CA and raised in Santa Ana and Moreno Valley, CA

Health Profession Career Goal: Emergency Medicine or Neonatology

Extracurricular Activities:
  • Latinos in Science
  • International Peer Advising and Peer Mentoring
  • I will start volunteering at Loma Linda Children's Hospital
Undergraduate Research: I would like to get involved in some sort of genetics research.

Advice to Prospective Pre-Med Students: The stronger a student can be in math the better. A lot of the science classes such as Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Genetics and Physics do require some basic math skills. Also, I would recommend making friends in each class and forming study groups whenever possible, because what one student doesnít understand the other student may understand. Donít be afraid to ask questions.
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